What can you learn from this uber-creative real life ethical computer hacker
about building business systems that work for YOU?

If you want street smart secrets to mastering
the game of life and wealth – get this book!

T. Harv Ecker, #1 New York Times Best Selling Author
Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

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What People Are Saying:

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    Loral Langemeier

    New York Times #1 Bestselling Author

    “The ability to create wealth is directly linked with a person’s willingness to seek out his or her dream. Stephanie shows you how to master the art of success and live your life out loud!”

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    Scott Stratten

    Best Selling Author, Un-Marketing

    “This book grabbed my attention and didn’t let go! It’s a giant dose of knowledge and wisdom for personal and professional success from someone who really knows her stuff….and has the tools to make it happen! A MUST READ… the information Stephanie shares is thought provoking, inspiring as well as entertaining! A well-done blueprint to personal and professional success!”

  • Mark Victor Hansen

    Co-Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul

    “Want to be a fail safe success? Read about and use my friend Stephanie’s wisdom.”

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Why This Book? 

It's estimated that 40 million small business owners in the U.S. start a business with no real business education, struggle to keep it alive, and fail within 5 years. 
What year are you in?
If you do not yet have all of the time, money, laughter and love in your life that you want and deserve, you are definitely in the right place. And you’re absolutely on the right path. I’m about to show you the way.

This book provides a practical business success blueprint that shows:

  • How to make the RIGHT decisions in your life - every time!
    The simple formula for TOTAL FOCUS to effortlessly achieve your goals
    How to be productive 100% of the time
    The single most important money mastery technique you MUST know
    The Four Powerful Principles of Business Mastery
    How to stop sabotaging your own financial success 
    Practical techniques to duplicate yourself and double your profits
    And much, much more!

About The Author

Stephanie Frank is an internationally published best-selling author and speaker in the areas of entrepreneurship, human behavior and cyber security.
She is a Certified Cybercrime Intelligence Investigator, Master NLP Coach, Trainer, Behavioral Profiler and veteran Entrepreneur. She has been seen and heard in Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, NBC Radio, Neil Cavuto, Fox and Friends NYC and thousands of media outlets.
A forceful advocate for human resilience, Stephanie aims to prevent social engineering damage in business and at home around the world.
As a linguist, she speaks hex, binary, geek, business, teaching, love and sometimes Woof.

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